Our Team

Levent Kocacepel

General Manager

I was born in a small village called Deydinler in Bursa, Turkey. Migrated to USA in 2003. I am married and have a lovely 5-year-old daughter.
My journey with elevator industry started in 2006. I have worked for 2 major elevator manufacturing companies in NY before I join IDEC.
My main expertise is building highly custom cabs and entrances. I was involved in almost all parts of manufacturing. At my first company, I was hired to work as an engineer but by the time I sat on a chair as an engineer; company had a position open for Cab Shop Supervisor. I asked for the position and was given a chance to prove myself. From that point on, worked as a Cab Shop Supervisor for 5 years until company offered me to run the Engineering Department. I worked as an engineering manager for another 2 years. In 2013 Company was sold to new ownership so with the transition I was offered to run the entire plant. I took over the entire operation as Production manager until my departure from the company in 2017. My experience with working in different position in this company helped me to understand how the entire business was working.
After leaving my first company, I got a job with another major manufacturing company in NYC. I worked in this company as a Director and help with anything that the company needed. My main role was to oversee purchasing and help team members or customers with any issues they may run into.
In 2019; I was offered to run IDEC Elevator products. This was the next challenge I was looking for in my life. So, I accepted the position and moved down to Florida. My mission with IDEC is to create one of the best elevator manufacturing companies out there. Quality, Lead time and Customer Service is our focus at IDEC. It will take time to make all the changes, but we know that "Big Ship Turns Slow". I have a great team working for me and I know anything is possible to achieve with a great team.