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IDEC Elevator Products is a full service elevator manufacturing/fabrication located in Boca Raton, Florida. We service both residential and commercial clients in Florida and across the country.

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THE IDEC Elevator Manufacturing Process:

Materials and Preparation

Cutting and Punching

In our 20,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility we use CAD and CAM assisted turret punches and press brakes for complete control and accuracy on every part. Each cab is fully assembled and checked for fitment and alignment prior to shipment. All cabs are shipped upright, on edge and crating is fully reinforced so you receive your cab intact and ready to install. 

Welding and Grinding

Hoistway doors and entrances are UL listed for frames and for doors. Doors are shipped upright on edge, as pictured, to keep doors straight, with fully reinforced crating so that they arrive to you intact, ready for hanging.

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Crating and Shipping